Vista Engineering adds Keyence Microscope to High Tech Tools

December 20, 2021by areagan0

KEYENCE Microscope Model VHX-7000

The KEYENCE Microscope VHX-7000 is the latest tool in Vista Engineering & Consulting’s laboratory. We are committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology. We’re proud to have the latest model of Keyence’s top of the line microscope to serve our clients. We’ll be able to deliver our existing examinations more quickly and accurately and even add some capabilities to what we’re able to offer.

  • The VHX-7000 is capable of high-definition imaging.
  • The world’s first 4K Ultra-High accuracy microscope.
  • Features a fully automatic XYZ system. Magnification can be easily and evenly controlled with its motorized turret.
  • The VHX-7000 has a depth-of-field twenty times larger than conventional optical microscopes.
  • Automatic zoom from 20× to 6000× with this latest KEYENCE Microscope.
  • Grain Size by Automatic Analysis – Calculate grain size according to ASTM standards without manually counting grains or performing chart comparisons.
  • Perform a variety of accurate surface measurements using the surface profiling feature.

Kevin Wilhelm, KEYENCE Corp Technical Engineer. “With the VHX-7000, your images will be displayed in 4K Ultra HD, providing you with most accurate images you have ever seen. “

In addition to features like adaptive lighting and focusing, large depth-of-field, and multi-angle observation from the previous generation, the VHX-7000 adds in-demand features such as high NA lenses (up to 0.9) and automated inspection.

See more information about our Keyence VHX-7000 capabilities.

All images used here with permission from KEYENCE Corporation.

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