Automotive Systems Investigation

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Automotive Systems Investigation

Automotive systems investigation is a service often needed by attorneys whose clients become injured when a trusted system fails to operate as expected. Vista Engineering & Consulting has experts on staff who have worked in quality systems in automotive manufacturing settings. See below for details in help with Airbag Deployment, Seat Belts and Seating Assembly, and Machining and Assembly.

  • Seat Belts and Seating Assembly
  • Machining & Assembly

Nothing is as important as safety, and Vista’s Seat Belt and Seating Assembly Expert Witness and Consultant knows this and has the background to assist you with your automotive systems investigation case.

Seat belts and seating assembly in automobiles must be properly manufactured and installed in order to provide the safety and protection that they were designed to ensure.

Vista’s seat belt and assembly expert witnesses possess expertise in mechanics, applied mechanics, engineering mechanics, and biomechanics. These skills are used in assisting attorneys with issues in automobile accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, and industrial accidents. Many experts are well versed in using digital forensics and 3D animations and visualizations to document scene evidence. Computer scene mapping hardware and software is also frequently used.

Seat Belt and seating assembly expert witnesses’ services include conducting design analysis of curves and establishing critical speed thresholds with regards to collision causation and liability, computer aided diagramming, occupant kinematics, seat belt analysis, air bag deployment; crash injury research. Collision reconstruction, defect investigations, and injury causation studies are also a part of these consultants’ area of expertise of passive and active restraint systems.

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Automotive machining and assembly focuses on the making and machinery of vehicles. All vehicles: bus, car, truck, or motorcycle, utilize machinery that has been designed and manufactured by automotive experts. Many disciplines are applied to this area, as the machinery incorporates many details regarding the overall design and proper functionality.

Automotive quality assurance experts are responsible for risk management, which requires implementing safety features in automobiles and safeguarding against potential traffic accidents. Automotive systems, like other types of machinery, can fail due to faulty design or manufacturing issues, which can lead to safety problems in vehicle operations. Automotive manufacturers must adhere to federal regulations, industry standards, and codes and compliance when creating such machinery to ensure efficient levels of safety. Our experts have Lead Auditor Certification to manage quality assurance in automotive manufacturing environments.

The mechanics and design of each vehicle can be a major factor in the cause of incidents. Experienced automotive experts can often use their knowledge of how vehicles operate in accident reconstructions. The failure of seat belts, tires, airbags, or brakes to function at proper levels may also be a determining factor in the outcome of a case.

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