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Ballistic Panel Testing offered by Vista Engineering’s 17025 accredited laboratory* is performed according to industry specifications right here in the southeastern United States centrally located near Birmingham, Alabama. Our skilled personnel including Professional Engineers are experienced ballistic panel testers who deliver accurate results. Deliver peace of mind to your end users with reliable 3rd party testing that ensures the ballistic panels you manufacture perform to your expectations.

Why Should I use 3rd party ballistic panel testing?

If any product should meet or exceed industry standards, ballistic panels, that provide safety and security to their end users, should. This critical product category deserves the authenticity, reliability, and credibility of testing results customers have trusted Vista Engineering with for 25 years. End users value products that are verified outside a manufacturer’s in-house capabilities because a 3rd party is a non-biased reference. The results obtained by a professional laboratory that is regulated by an accreditation body analyzing processes, procedures, training, and record keeping are seen as more reliable. Standardized controls and monitoring mechanisms ensure consistently and verified product performance.

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Quality, Methods & Equipment

Vista Engineering performs testing according to UL752 standard for bullet resistance measurements. We use the following equipment in our tests:

  • Universal receiver test weapon
  • Oehler 35P chronograph
  • Custom fixturing

We perform statistical analysis on velocity data to ensure velocities are acceptable. We also custom load test ammunition using ultra precision scales and they are verified by calibrated weights within the weight ranges.

Why should I use a company nearby?

A nearby laboratory has many advantages. Shipping products/materials to be tested is much faster and cheaper. Our small business is nimble and can return test results fast to meet your production schedule requirements. If personal or courier delivery to us is preferable, it’s possible to drive rather than ship.

* Vista Engineering & Consulting, LLC is accredited to 17025 laboratory specification by A2LA for a range of materials testing, but specific accreditation to NIJ Ballistics testing is not included. See our scope for more information.

One Customer’s Story

A ballistics panel manufacturer needed faster service because multi-week waits were negatively impacting their production schedule. They discovered Vista could offer quicker turnaround on the quality assurance testing their manufacturing required. Our 2 business day turnaround dramatically improved their efficiency and returned their production schedule to what their customers expected.

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