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Vibration Testing

Vista Engineering is equipped to help assess the effect of vibration on devices.

Our world is full of movement and energy. For products and devices to perform as expected, it’s important to analyze the effect of vibration on their structure and materials. It takes precision test equipment as well as highly trained laboratory staff to produce vibration testing results that industries ranging from consumer electronics manufacturers to military contractors can count on. Learn more about vibration testing here.

vibration testing

The LDS V408 shaker can accommodate devices as large as a handheld video camera and subject these devices to forces of 98 N. The system is controlled by an LDS Comet USB controller and an LDS PA100E amplifier. Vista’s in-house machining capability allows for the fabrication of job specific fixtures and holders to meet your test requirements. Test types include random vibration, swept sinusoidal vibration and classical shock testing.

Vibration Testing

About the LDS V408

  • Wide frequency range combined with high peak forces.
  • Low-mass, high-performance armature construction.
  • Robust, lightweight suspension system provides excellent torsional and transverse stiffness with minimal impact on acceleration.
  • Base or trunnion mounted.
  • Powered by compact, quiet, energy-efficient amplifiers.
  • Compatible with COMETUSB and LASERUSB vibration controllers.
System Sine Force Peak  22 lbf
Shaker Max Random Force rms 8.5 lbf
Max Acceleration Sine Peak 50 gn
System Velocity Sine Peak 59.8 in/s
System Displacement Continuous pk-pk 0.55 in
Moving Element Mass 0.44 lb
Usable Frequency Range 5-9,000 Hz


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