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Evidence Inspection Host Lab

Inspecting evidence in a case must be done carefully and thoroughly. Vista Engineering is an experienced host laboratory for inspecting sensitive evidence. This is a regular feature of our services for our clients in the process of our forensic investigations. Even if we aren’t doing the investigation of your case, our facilities and in house experts are certified to host any inspection you need to conduct. 

Evidence Inspection

Evidence Inspection Preparation 

In preparation for your inspection, Vista will carefully take care of everything needed for a successful inspection: 

  • Receive, catalog, and securely store evidence  
  • Contact and schedule all required parties 
  • Develop and document protocols for review and acceptance by all parties 

Evidence Inspection

Inspection Day Expectations

The day (or days) of inspection can be stressful and the outcomes can determine the way a case will turn out. When your inspection is hosted by Vista Engineering, you can be sure everything will go as smoothly as possible.  

The following are required/provided for each participant: 

  • Sign-in documentation 
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment 
  • Copies of the protocol to be completed 

Our facilities are spacious and allow everyone to observe the activities and each step of the protocol. Experts at Vista Engineering, as impartial facilitators, can carry out each step of the plan with precision, explaining each step along the way. Coffee, water, and snacks are provided. Conveniently located to many dining options, participants can dine out or meals can be ordered in as preferred. 

Inspection Follow Up

After the inspection is complete, you can count on Vista Engineering to complete the work of the inspection to the fullest. 

  • Disclose the sign-in documentation from all present participants. 
  • Deliver the evidence to the proper steward. 
  • Document each process applied to the evidence. 
  • Report observations found during the inspection. 


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