Hitachi Model S-3400N Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope 

April 26, 2019by BoldThemes0

Using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) is a powerful method to evaluate materials and understand how they perform in real world applications. We combine state-of-the-art scanning electron microscopy and microanalysis using the new Hitachi Model S-3400N with professional engineering expertise to help our clients understand how materials behave.

Vista Engineering & Consulting’s professional engineers utilize the SEM to evaluate important materials that make a difference in industrial applications and also have a role in product liability, fire cause origin, and vehicular legal cases. Model S-3400N benefits include:

  • Quality & Detail Magnification up to 300,000x – 4x more than before
  • Larger EDS detector for faster chemical analysis
  • Advanced capabilities can get results in much less time
  • Ability to do low-vacuum mode
  • Nonconductive samples and samples that contain water
  • 5 axis computer controlled stage
  • Sputter coating available as needed
  • Faster results means less expense
  • Detailed chemical maps for better analysis and sharper presentations

The full technical specification list is very impressive, and if you’re into that please go here and read more about it.  If you want just a touch more info please visit our lab services page. We encourage you to visit the lab if you want to see a demonstration! Click here to schedule a visit or start your next job.

This is an image of chemical analysis of a bolt where you can see cracked zinc coating on steel with cracks in the steel where zinc is missing from hydrogen embrittlement.  This is caused by not baking out the hydrogen after plating.

Finite element Analysis

This image show stress corrosion cracking – intergranular cracking from hydrogen embrittlement.

steel analysis

Glass fused to headlamp filament indicating that lamp was on when broken


This is a fun one of a seashell

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