UAB Green & Told features Dr. Thompson on episode 98 released 05/22/2023

May 22, 2023by areagan0


UAB Green & Told: Ingesting the Old, Inventing the New – Dr. Raymond Thompson ’74 & ’75

From the UAB Alumni Page: UAB Green & Told is a biweekly podcast that shares the stories from members of the UAB community. Through Green & Told, the UAB Office of Alumni Affairs will sit down with alumni, faculty, students and others. Hosted and produced by Greg Berry, Assistant Director of Communications and Governmental Relations, the podcast brings each guest’s unique UAB perspective to those listening.

Dr. Thompson was happy to sit down earlier this spring to record a conversation with Mr. Greg Berry. Most who know him, know his roots in UAB run deep. He was an undergraduate in the early seventies, was a professor in the ’80’s-90’s, and has served terms on the board and has been president of the UAB Alumni Association in the years since.

Greg and Raymond discuss his life from childhood in West End, Birmingham, Alabama, his undergraduate days at UAB, his professorship, and how those relationships buoyed him to entrepreneurship. He also discusses the great partnerships that keep him intertwined with university to this day.

Please take some time to listen and get to know our fearless leader a little bit better. Visit our history page to learn more about the roots of the company.

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