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Case Depth Measurement Analysis

Case depth measurement analysis is used to verify a carburizing or carbonitriding heat treat batch or lot. The gaseous atmosphere generated within the furnace diffuses into the component by the laws of equilibrium. The amount of time and the carbon potential of the atmosphere determine the resulting total case depth and effective case hardness.

Case Depth Measurement

Why Should I Examine Case Depth?

Case Depth Measurement examines whether or not the intended hardness of a part has penetrated to the specified depth.

Quality, Methods & Equipment

Vista Engineering follows and is ISO 17025:2017 Accredited by A2LA to the SAE J423 international standard for Case Depth, and it works together with our certification to standards for Microhardness Testing. 

  • Depth verification of the hardness profile into the component surface
  • Metallographic verification of a carburizing or carbonitriding heat treatment 

We use the Leco M-400 to perform these services.

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