Fracture & Fatigue Analysis

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Fracture & Fatigue Analysis

Fatigue analysis and fracture mechanics are important to understanding how materials perform in the real world. Fracture mechanics is the study of the complex stress field around the tip of a crack and can be used to predict if an existing crack will propagate or arrest. Fatigue analysis is the study of the fracture behavior under repeated cyclic loading.

fracture and fatigue analysis

Fatigue Analysis Services

FEA or finite element analysis predict the fatigue life of materials and determine the likelihood of crack propagation. Our years of experience and expertise allows us to provide detailed analysis to help our clients.

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Fatigue Testing Process

All materials are subject to fatigue and break down eventually. Fatigue testing involves the process of taking a sample and applying force in a repeated fashion to see when it will break or how it performs. The type of fatigue analysis required is determined by the application and environment the material is planned to be subjected to.

Factors that Cause Fatigue:
  • Structural Resonance
  • Material Purity
  • Temperature
Fatigue Testing and Analysis Program Considerations:
  • Calculate where to apply stress and what type of stress to apply to desired area
  • Calculate the number of cycles that will be applied
  • Calculate the amount of stress that will be applied
  • Determine the applicable safety factor

Once we understand these factors, the experts at Vista Engineering can create a custom fatigue and fracture testing analysis for your specific application or environment.

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Fatigue Analysis Service Offerings

Vista Engineering possesses the expertise and equipment to perform fracture and fatigue analysis on a wide range of materials and applications. Our cutting edge equipment such as finite element analysis and SEM, coupled with testing and inspection of physical parts, provide in-depth solutions to complex problems in the following areas, among others:

  • Composite Fatigue
  • Fractography and fracture surface analysis
  • Fracture Analysis
  • Fracture of brittle and ductile materials
  • Fracture of rubber and plastic materials
  • High Cycle Fatigue
  • Low Cycle Fatigue
  • Spectral Fatigue
  • Structural Fatigue
  • Vibration Fatigue