Metallurgical Services

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Metallurgical Services

Metallurgical engineering is a specialty area that studies metals and how the composition and processing of metals affects their performance under a variety of conditions. Understanding and proper application of metallurgical principles are critical to making metals perform reliably and safely.

Vista’s engineers possess a deep knowledge base and breadth of experience in many alloy systems, from basic steels to advanced super alloys. Our clients from industries as diverse as aerospace, steel and foundry, transportation, manufacturing, structures, and utility industries routinely rely on us to provide expert testing and analysis of materials.

steel analysis

Advanced metallurgy technology and techniques allow for improved and more reliable technology and products. Vista Engineering has the expertise to assist clients in tapping into the unlimited potential for innovation and design with materials science.

Clients can rely on the results that are produced because Vista Engineering is ISO 17025 certified in a variety of metallurgical testing procedures. Read more about our accreditation HERE.

steel examination construction materials

Metallurgical Engineering Services

Our experts have decades of experience in metallurgical analysis. Though engineers suffer from a certain stereotype, our clients are extremely satisfied with the communication and relationship fostering they receive when working with us.

Vista provides exceptional service from the first phone call to the final report. Our technical staff will collect all background information, photographs and drawings related to your project. We will develop a cost estimate that fits your project.

We offer destructive and non-destructive testing methods for metals and plastics to determine properties, performance, strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. This can ultimately determine whether the materials are safe, compliant, and fit for their intended applications.

Metallurgical Failure Analysis

Even a microscopic crack can have catastrophic consequences. Vista’s metallurgical experts have mastered the capabilities needed to determine whether a given failure was due to the application of extraordinary forces, improper design, improper material selection, presence of an environmental factor, or the result of a material flaw.

We regularly analyze why and how a metallurgical failure contributed to a breakage which could lead to injury or loss of life or property.

We provide extensive data, research possible causes, and lend expertise to help determine what went wrong. Let us help investigate the root cause of your metal component failure.

Quality Inspection

Certify that materials and their manufacturing processes meet your standards. Verify suppliers and guarantee that products they are providing meet the specifications needed for any potential application.

Vista Engineering provides advanced solutions in metallurgical technology, offering expert support in testing and consultation aligned to all stages of metals processing and product development. Our engineers deliver comprehensive, inter-disciplinary services in the development, processing, characterization and testing of all materials.

Our range of metallurgical services include:

  • Metallurgical failure analysis
  • Corrosion analysis
  • Destructive and non-destructive testing
  • Fracture mechanics and fatigue analysis
  • Material characterization
  • Metallographic examination
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Mechanical testing