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Rockwell Hardness Testing

The professional engineers and highly trained technicians at Vista Engineering have extensive experience performing Rockwell hardness testing. By carefully following the internationally recognized ASTM E-18 standard and additional requirements as an ISO 17025:2017 A2LA Accredited laboratory, our clients are assured the quality of the results of this test are as high as possible.

Rockwell hardness testing

Industrial Services

Why Use Rockwell Hardness Testing?

The Rockwell Hardness Test is appropriate for determining the hardness of steel and a variety of other materials. The machine can accommodate samples of different sizes and in different hardness ranges.

The test itself determines hardness alone, but the hardness findings correlate to other performance properties of a material such as strength and wear resistance. 

Clients reach out to us for Rockwell Hardness Testing for failure analysis, inspecting incoming metals received from suppliers, & weld evaluation.

Industrial Services

Rockwell Hardness Testing Equipment

Vista Engineering owns the United Tru Blu II Rockwell hardness testing machine. From their product page:

United’s TRU-BLUE II Rockwell Hardness Tester uses the latest electronic controls, coupled with high-precision load cells to provide highly accurate penetration measurement data. It is also capable of measuring Brinell and Vickers scales as an optional capability.

The True Blue II is a Rockwell Hardness Tester designed and manufactured by United Testing Systems at our factory in Fullerton, CA. On the market since 1984, the True Blue II has gained a reputation for being a highly accurate and durable Rockwell hardness tester.

The machine is calibrated regularly and undergoes proficiency testing according to ASTM E-18 and ISO 17025:2017 standards to ensure accuracy.