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Vickers Hardness Testing

The professional engineers and highly trained technicians at Vista Engineering have extensive experience performing Vickers hardness tests.

By carefully following the internationally recognized ASTM E-92 & E-384 standards and additional requirements as an ISO 17025:2017 A2LA Accredited laboratory, our clients are assured the quality of the results of Vickers hardness tests are as high as possible.

LECO M-400 Vickers Microhardness

vickers hardness testing

Why Use Vickers Hardness Testing?

The Vickers Hardness Test is appropriate for determining the hardness of solid materials and coatings. Samples are typically one square inch and are metallographically mounted and polished to ensure the surface is precisely smooth and microscopic differences can be detected.

Clients reach out to us for Vickers Hardness Testing for evaluation of machinability, hardness of thin coatings, evaluation of welds, decarburization in steels, heat treated steel case depth evaluation, & bulk hardness of small or thin samples.

vickers hardness

Testing Equipment

Vista Engineering owns the LECO M-400 testing machine.

LECO’s M-400 Vickers Hardness Tester uses the latest electronic controls, coupled with high-precision load cells to provide highly accurate penetration measurement data. 

The tester uses a diamond indenter for vickers testing, and features an X-Y micrometer stage along with a self leveling vise.

The machine is calibrated regularly and undergoes proficiency testing according to ASTM and ISO 17025:2017 standards to ensure accuracy.


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