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Evidence Storage & Managment

Properly storing evidence is a critical element of the litigation process.  Mishandling evidence brings significant consequences if evidence is lost, damaged, or unaccounted for throughout the chain of custody. The collection, logging, and storage of evidence is a meticulous process that requires strict attention to procedure and policy. 

Vista Engineering employs a dedicated staff of evidence and laboratory professionals. We apply the same rigorous attention to every detail of your case as we do to our investigations.  

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Collection and Storage of Evidence

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) publishes industry standards that dictate the ways laboratories should handle evidence in forensic investigations. The process depicted below outlines the typical steps involved in the collection and storage of evidence.  

  • Document evidence before/during collection and prior to transport. Attach evidence tag. 
  • Complete an evidence receipt form, include a listing for each item received. 
  • Package, and photograph evidence for storage. Attach label and copy of evidence receipt. 
  • Create digital and/or physical records to document custody information pertinent to evidence. 
  • Place evidence in secure storage in an orderly fashion 

At Vista Engineering, we accommodate the evidence requirements specific to your case. We offer secure, limited-access evidence storage for all sizes of evidence at our laboratory with competitive rates commensurate with the size of the evidence. 

Evidence Inspection & Testing Laboratory

Vista Engineering is a fully appointed materials testing laboratory ready to assist our clients with managing the storage and inspection of evidence. Our state of the art facilities regularly analyze a wide range of consumer and industrial products. Full service non-biased hosting is available for evidence inspections. 

Evidence and Laboratory Specialists

Our specialists are experienced evidence managers who always reference the most recent ASTM standards as they pertain to evidence handling. They complete regular professional training to remain knowledgeable about changing industry standards and best demonstrated practices. 

Vista’s staff is available to assist your firm and answer any questions and address any challenges that may arise regarding your case evidence.