Fire & Explosion Engineering Analysis

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Fire & Explosion Engineering Analysis

Vista Engineering provides Fire & Explosion Engineering Analysis through in-depth forensic investigations honed through years of experience. We offer committed, qualified, and professionally trained engineers, and technicians who are trained in all phases of Fire Science and Fire/Explosion Investigation.

Our experts work to provide engineering analysis of the contributing factors of all kinds of fires including small domestic fires, arson, explosions, vehicles and industrial plant explosions.

  • Fire Engineering Investigation 
  • Explosion Investigation 
  • Fuel Gas System Analysis  
  • Heat Transfer and Thermodynamic Analysis 
  • Full and Reduced-Scale Fire and Explosion Testing

Vista has the well-rounded experience in-house to add many engineering specialties to any case when needed to determine a full picture of the event and resulting damages and/or injuries: materials, mechanical, biomechanical, electrical and structural. 

When an initial fire investigation finds the cause of a fire or explosion complicated enough to warrant an in-depth investigation into an appliance, utility system, battery, or electronics component, it’s time to call Vista Engineering’s experts. 

Vista Engineering’s laboratory facilities are well-equipped to host laboratory examinations of equipment and evidence involved in fires and explosions. 

fire & explosion cause analysis

National Academy of Forensic Engineers

Fire & Explosion Analysis Methods

Our methods of analysis are supported by published standards and may include the following:  

  • Receiving, storing, and inspecting evidence
  • Observing the scene and recording observations through measurements, photos and 3D laser scans
  • Inspecting other available information from plan drawings and utility records
  • Developing protocols for testing hypotheses
  • Testing and analysis of remaining materials
  • Thermal imaging and thermodynamic analysis

Fire & Explosion Cause Analysis Experts

Our experts have conducted many fire and explosion incident investigations throughout the United States. Vista’s engineers and experts have the latest technology at their disposal to document any scene by photograph, video, digital and infrared thermal imaging, 3D laser scanning, and optical survey. Engineers have extensive litigation experience and communicate clearly and simply in deposition and juried court proceedings. Please see the following case studies demonstrating our experience in the field. 

Building Explosion

Truck Explosion

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