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Forensic Engineer

A forensic engineer investigates materials, products, structures or components that fail or do not function as intended, which is essentially a failure analysis. The goal is to positively identify the sequence of events and integrity of materials leading to failure. 

Vista Engineering has extensive experience investigating a wide range of incidents and failures. Our process is always unbiased and scientific.  We apply proven engineering and scientific principles to identify the reason behind the failure. 

After an incident/accident, we will examine broken parts and bring together a list of probable failure mechanisms to be investigated. We will conduct interviews and determine the precise sequence of events that lead up to the failure. We will review all technical specifications, drawings, policy procedures, and more to provide an unbiased investigative analysis which will allow us to objectively determine the failure. 

What do we Investigate?

Forensic engineering means an expert investigation of an engineering, design or functional failure – generally of a structure, product or component. Our company serves the entire US out of our Birmingham, Alabama laboratory and offices, and provides a variety of different types of clients a diverse suite of services to help determine the cause of an incident or failure. 

We investigate cases that involve: 

  • Biomechanical 
  • Construction Defect 
  • Electrocution  
  • Fire & Explosion Cause Analysis 
  • Machine Safety 
  • Medical Device 
  • Pipelines 
  • Product liability 

forensic engineer

Forensic Engineer Investigations & Evaluations

Regardless of when your incident or loss happened, we can conduct a forensic evaluation to find all possible facts. No matter if it happened in Birmingham or anywhere in the US, our team of experts is here to assist you. Our forensic engineers are trained to identify the crucial pieces of evidence that show how or why a failure occurred, and their extensive experience gives you the confidence that they understand the complexities of large losses. 

Depending on the needs of your project we can: 

  • Evaluate an incident and determine all interested parties 
  • Determine the extent of damage 
  • Conduct a joint evaluation with interested parties 
  • Document the initial condition of evidence
  • Retain, catalog, and store evidence for destructive examinations 
  • ISO 17025 certified testing laboratory for in depth materials testing 
  • 3D printed evidence examples 
  • Written reports with images and professional opinions 
  • Experienced expert witness depositions and testimony 

We find you the facts to help move your investigation, litigation, or claim forward. 

Typical Clients

Vista Engineering is a true unbiased third party representative. Our mission is to provide our clients a confidential, honest, and independent evaluation of the facts surrounding any forensic engineering need. We regularly work with a variety of clients and have been doing so for over 15 years.

Clients typically include:

  • Attorneys
  • Insurance Companies
  • Property Owners
  • Manufacturers
  • Utility Companies and Contractors
  • Government Agencies
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