Litigation Expert Witness Services

Product Liability

Product liability investigations require expertise in as many areas as there are different types of products ranging from small toys to industrial machinery. Vista Engineering’s unbiased experts investigate, test, and develop expert opinions about products, materials they are made of, their design, their included literature, safety warnings and measures, and possible training issues. We also have years of experience presenting  findings in depositions and expert testimony in a clear and relatable manner for both plaintiff and defense clients.  

Product Liability Machine safety

Experts at Vista specializing in product liability claims have decades of experience in evaluation of product liability cases. 

The wide range of expertise at Vista Engineering, and our state of the art and ISO certified laboratory and testing capabilities, enables our experts to evaluate a broad range of product liability claims. 

Our experts analyze products for compliance with OSHA regulations and applicable standards such as UL, ANSI, ASME, ASTM, and CFR. Vista’s biomedical expertise is used in cases involving injury. Categories of products Vista typically investigates: 

  • Automotive parts, systems, assemblies, and components 
  • Children’s products
  • Commercial equipment 
  • Commercial vehicle components & heavy cargo restraints 
  • Component parts 
  • Consumer products 
  • Industrial machinery
  • Medical devices 
  • Recreational products 
  • Sports & exercise equipment 

If you aren’t sure if your product case is one we can help with, please contact us and we are happy to review it.  

Product Liability Evidence & Testing

Vista Engineering utilizes a fully appointed and quality certified mechanical testing laboratory to assist our clients with scientific inspection of evidence in product liability cases. Lab facilities are spacious enough to accommodate large evidence items and are equipped to perform testing on various electrical and mechanical devices. 

Evidence Testing

Vista Engineering can analyze physical evidence when advanced testing is required. Our laboratory is equipped to perform testing of all types of products.

Product Testing

Our experts regularly solve product failure issues through the investigation of CAD, in-service data, and material data coupled. Our teams are also physical testing experts and can suggest solutions to client test failures, and validate simulation with physical testing.

Strand 7 Modeling

Vista has the ability to create three dimensional computerized models to meet specific geometric requirements. The models are then imported into Strand7 software to perform the complex calculations. These can be used to simulate the product failure.